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Stephanie T.

5 stars – 11/1/2017

I am so grateful to Francisco for helping me rehabilitate my lower back injury and also just get back into healthy consistent habits in general. Not only is he a knowledgable trainer, he truly cares about you, your progress, and your overall well being. The gym is a perfect space for personal training because it's always clean, has all the necessary equipment to have a dynamic workout every time, and I loved how private it felt. I was not self conscious whatsoever and could give it my all, and it actually made a difference being able to have open conversations and really get to know Francisco as a person and friend. After getting to know him over 5 months, I can vouch that he is an incredibly honest, hardworking, genuine business owner (on top of being a great trainer that always challenged me) and I would happily choose him over some dude trainer in a mainstream gym any day.

Here are some of the many reasons I think he's worth every penny:

  • meticulous about form
  • educates you about your body/muscles and how they relate to each other and the exercises you're doing
  • shows you how to properly recover and incorporates it throughout training
  • guides on health and nutrition while being realistic
  • takes videos of you to show you exercises you've done and in good form, of course
  • sends a report of all the exercises you did to be able to refer back to
  • flexible/accommodating on scheduling
  • is always improving his own skills and knowledge
  • positive and supportive attitude ALWAYS

Francisco, it has truly been a pleasure and I look forward to continuing workouts with you!

Bianca P.

5 stars – 10/29/2017

I trained with Francisco to prepare to be a bridesmaid in my friend's fall wedding. For four months, I trained twice a week and become stronger, leaner and more confident in myself and my abilities. Francisco is an incredibly supportive trainer who partners with you to meet your fitness goals by tackling all aspects of it at once: diet, exercise and attitude. He accommodated my injuries and sore areas by incorporating corrective exercises and body work which was incredibly important to me -- I valued having a trainer that listened to me when I said something hurt or felt strained rather than pushing me beyond reasonable limits towards injury.

I encourage anyone looking for a dedicated and energetic trainer to work with Francisco. He'll be encouraging but will also push you past your comfort zone when he knows you have it in you. Plus, he's always got a kick-ass workout playlist ready for you! Thanks, Francisco!

M M.

5 stars – 10/15/2017

Francisco has changed our lives! My 15 year old son began working with Francisco in July and has lost over 16 pounds through fitness training and nutrition counseling. Francisco knows how to connect with his clients and gives great advice without lecturing. He really cares about his clients and tailors his program to each individual's needs. Francisco gives me great feedback and updates with before and after photos showing the results of training. Don't wait. You will definitely see results. We recommend Francisco highly!!! He is truly life changing.

Natalie E.

5 stars – 8/23/2017

Found this trainer through YELP and glad I went with him. Francisco is a great one on one trainer . He is patient, sincere and very knowledgeable about physical fitness . He makes workouts hard but also fun at the same time. He worked with me to help me master my Push Up. Clean, up to date equipment in his studio.

Gina E.

5 stars – 7/17/2017

I am a mom of two teenage boys, both of whom were 10-20 lbs overweight and not fond of exercise. I hired Francisco to work with them on their diet/nutrition and to whip them into shape. Their first session was on October 30, 2016. He took photos and measurements, asked them to keep a food log and had them in the gym for an hour. He gave them exercises to do during the week, and before each weekly session, he reviewed their food logs and measured them. The results with the oldest boy were astonishing. He dropped twenty pounds over the course of three months and completely changed his eating habits. His confidence and happiness with his appearance soared. The younger teen is a work in progress. He hasn't lost weight but the conversion of some of his mass to muscle has resulted in the loss of some inches. I am confident over time he will get there. Francisco has been so positive and encouraging with my two kids that they look forward to seeing him every week. They like and respect him immensely. I feel lucky to have found such a great trainer/coach for my boys; he has made a huge difference in their lives.

Mario V.

5 stars – 4/17/2017

I've been booking sessions for two years now at this studio. I don't prefer group workouts and having a personal training session at a busy gym can be distracting; worse when others are holding up equipment. At Francisco's studio, you get all the attention and expertise that integrates nicely with a mix of traditional weights, cardio equipment, TRX, resistance bands and more. He keeps workouts fun, informational and purpose-driven; designed around each individual.
I need to mention, for runners out there, that like most I often neglect to work on flexibility, core and strength exercises. in 2014 I ran the SF marathon and pretty much spiraled out of shape due to a number of post-race related issues. In 2015 Francisco helped take me from being completely out of shape to running and exercising again. He quickly found areas of weakness and even two years later continues to help me work on them. The reminders from his personal training sessions are critical to keep my overall shape up along with running frequently again.
Can't recommend Francisco enough!

Joe D.

5 stars – 2/28/2017

Francisco is brilliant. I started working with him after a semi-lengthy period of medical stuff had kept me from being as active as I'd like. He immediately made me feel welcome, positive and stoked. He helped me fix my eating, kicked my ass at the gym, made adjustments when my knees ached or my back got stiff and remained positive, upbeat, supportive, smart and funny. He's totally on your side, the whole way.
I got stronger, fitter, better. I lost 10-12 pounds, getting down to a weight I haven't been in thirty years, and there's possibility that I may actually see my abs at some point shortly (there have been sightings). I was able to surf a board under 7 feet for the first time ever, cycle further faster and generally feel good about the whole thing.
I'd kill for the guy. Seriously.

Diana B.

5 stars – 2/28/2017

Francisco IS as good as it gets! He is most definitely the best trainer that I've ever had. I started working with him about 9 months after my second baby. In less than 6 months, everything about me is different. Francisco helped me change my body, educated me on how properly use weights, and motivated me to be the strongest, healthiest, most energetic mom/woman I can be. I am forever grateful to him for giving me opportunity to see what I am really made of. If you're looking for a change, I strongly recommend this man!

Kristen V.

5 stars – 2/22/2017

This review is long overdue!
I started training with Francisco on 6/1/16 and he has changed my life.
I sought out Francisco's expertise after seeing myself in a photo and I was appalled at home much weight I'd gained. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle immediately.
Not gonna lie, I wanted to cry after every session but Francisco remained positive an enthusiastic that I could do the workouts if I remained consistent. In my head I told myself, "I can't f****** do that?!" whenever Francisco showed me a new routine. 'Can't' slowly became ," yes, I CAN f****** do this!!"
I now work out 5 days a week, walk to the gym and eat so much better because of Francisco. The first 4 months I trained with him, I set a goal to lose 20lbs before I got married. I lost 22lbs within 3 months.
If you're ready to make a change, make sure to book with him-he's worth it!

Helen S.

5 stars – 9/24/2016

Francisco is the bomb!! I knew right away - like in my first trial session with him that he was what I needed and wanted to achieve my goals: someone who is conscientious about safety and stretching but able to push me with exercises that not only keep me interested but help me achieve the results I want. He is cheerful and encouraging and honest. He keeps things real with food journaling and accountability practices. I have lost over 16 lbs so far as well as getting so much more toned. I am thrilled and highly recommend this guy. Check him out, sign up, commit to working hard and you won't be disappointed!!
Helen's before and after transformation
(Transformation from March 2016 till today September 2016)

Tomika A.

5 stars – 7/25/2016

Just a quick and exciting update that based on the work done with Francisco, when I went to have my initial wedding dress fitting, the dress was about 6 sizes too big. I've lost 3 inches on my hips, 2.5 on my waist and 2 on my bust. And, thanks to Francisco teaching me how to sustain my healthy lifestyle, I have confidence that this new body is here to stay! Thank you Francisco!

Alain T.

5 stars – 10/8/2015

I was out of shape when I came to Francisco 6 months ago. Francisco worked with me on everything, from my diet plan to my cardio/strength routines. I went from having 14% body fat to 7% within 3 months (that's more than 1% per month). I became more toned, muscular, and defined. My self confidence improved a lot as I saw visible results from the hard work. My endurance went up significantly: I can go through a kettlebell exercise without panting too much. Francisco is extremely passionate about personal training. He's also the most caring trainer I've met: He always makes sure safety comes first and that you not get injured from the training. Francisco was my guide through this fitness journey (mind you: YOU still have to do the hard work, including being disciplined about your diet). He got me started on this fitness journey, and I am grateful of how far he has led me. If you want to change your life, your self image, confidence, and get your butt kicked into shape, I highly recommend Francisco. You'll have yourself a caring and competent partner to get you on the road to fitness and happiness.

Juliana M.

5 stars – 6/9/2015

First off, do not hesitate in committing yourself to training at the Training Zone Studio... if you're ready to lose weight or get your entire body or particular muscle groups toned, look no further! This is the place for it!
Here's the quick of it: I did a 24 session program over about 2.5- 3 months before my wedding day, and lost 17.4 pounds, and 16.75 inches overall! I looked my best for my wedding day, everyone was impressed! And I'm so glad I did it at the Training Zone with Francisco, because he definitely played a huge role in getting me to not only reach my goals, but the results of my body and athleticism at the end of our sessions totally exceeded my expectations!
Here's all of the details:
I started training at this studio with Francisco in the beginning of February 2015 to get in shape for my big day, my wedding, which was going to take place at the end of May 2015! Honestly, I didn't know exactly what to expect out of myself, especially never having been to a personal trainer before. But I knew several things about myself: 1) I enjoy athletic activities-- running, commuter biking ~6.5 miles 2-3x a week, doing random hiking excursions and sporadic commitments to pilates/yoga/bikram packages in the past, etc., 2) that I'm pretty good at putting my mind to something when I'm passionate, 3) that I love eating gourmet food but that I was open-minded to the idea of showing some restraint when it comes down to it to get the results that I want. I also arrived at his studio knowing that I had some weight to lose (I was kind of just thinking 10 pounds or so would be nice) in order to feel and look amazing on my wedding day, especially since I am a female ~5 feet tall so weight shows more easily on my body.
When I came in on a Saturday morning for my first complimentary assessment, I quickly realized that Francisco had all the working tools-- equipment, personality, and knowledge to make me feel like I could reach the goals we were striving for in the 18 session program we had originally planned. We set our goal for me to lose about 10-15 pounds and made plans for certain amounts of inches lost from particular parts of my body and overall. During the assessment we did some practice routines, and my body was sore and achy the next day, so I knew I had come to the right place. Furthermore, Francisco also gave me the added bonus of a Bride Discount, which made the deal even sweeter!
We did two training sessions (about an hour long, sometimes longer) per week for 18 sessions, and then I was so addicted to his sessions (they were fun, motivational, challenging, and definitely showing results) that I wanted to continue to 24 sessions up until about the week before my wedding! Francisco was great about accommodating days/weeks when I could not go because of other obligations, and we easily figured out ways to reschedule it to a different day or miss/make up for it later. I also had a couple random health/sports injuries, and we would work around them or he even went out of his way to help treat it (with conservative methods of iced water, ofc, but it worked like a charm... better than if I was left to my own devices!)
Also it's important to note that he is very receptive and sensitive to his clients needs/requests. He was also great about hearing about my random wedding drama and being not only understanding but also supportive and motivational. And I never felt like our sessions were cookie-cutter. We used a lot of different techniques and equipment to slim down and shape my body to get it to where it is. About half way in I decided I wanted to also target my abs for my future honeymoon hawaii trip, and he helped us switch gears to make sure to focus on that too. I now have a very subtle 4 pack... it was definitely not like that before I started with him, much more dough-y.
When it comes down to it, while Francisco is a 5/5-star trainer, he's not waving some magic wand here and then *poof*, the fat is gone and you've got a six-pack and no love handles or droopy arm fat. A large part of the effort comes from within YOU too, and you have to meet him halfway if you want to succeed. You should do your best to listen to what he says about doing the food logs to keep track of what you're eating, listen to his advice on how to eat clean and healthy, and don't overindulge on your "cheat foods"/alcohol, and try to get in as much cardio (both at his studio and on your own) as you can in between sessions, because all of those things combined will get you the results you want to see and enjoy! I'm still enjoying the results (about a month later) and have continued to shed a couple more pounds of fat and firmed up, because I'm using the tools that he taught me.
I could go on forever about how top-notch my experience was here... I really don't think this will be the last time I'll be at this studio! There's always working on my six pack, shedding baby fat or training for a tri- in my foreseeable future!

Juliana's transformation pic 1
Juliana's transformation pic 2
(If I hadn't lost the 17+ pounds while training at this Studio, I would be a very different bride in this dress! June 9, 2015)

Smw Y.

5 stars – 4/29/2015

Challenging, flexible and focused! Francisco is terrific to work with, keeps you motivated and encouraged and makes it personal. Workouts are tailored to your goals and fitness level and change as frequently as needed....never the same old same old.

Mike F.

5 stars – 2/23/2015

Love working with Francisco. We do it as a couple, and really enjoy the interactions, the workout, and what we are getting from it. Thoroughly recommend him.

Pamella O.

5 stars – 3/25/2014

Francisco is the man!!!! I gain 40 pounds with my baby.When I started to work out with him I still had 25 pounds to loose, and he kicked my ass I lost all my weight in only a month and half. he push me and really inspired me. I have been Training at the Zone Studio for 3 years now and I am much stronger than I have ever been, plus I have definition. He is so far the best person trainer I have ever had!

Lesley W.

5 stars – 3/18/2014

I've been doing couples training with my boyfriend at the Training Zone for about 6 months now. Francisco is great! He has a great attitude, is encouraging, and cares a lot about proper technique to avoid injury. He will write a training plan out on paper for you if you're traveling. Exercises are tailored for each person and he puts a big emphasis on body weight exercises that you can do at home. Francisco has a very flexible schedule and can meet appointments as early as 5am for those who have to get to work early. Francisco has also lent us exercise equipment over the winter holiday season. The studio is very clean and well-kept. Francisco keeps a close eye on you and can tell when you've hit a wall and may need some sugar in your system. He's good at keeping an eye on two people at once and making sure you don't have any downtime where you don't know what exercise to do next. Francisco is also very responsive via text/phone/email.

Aine M.

5 stars – 2/6/2014

Started training zone after I had my baby and Francisco has really helped me get back in shape!! He has not only just helped with training me but also helping me with my diet and giving me sample eating plans. He teaches me how to do the exercises so I can do them myself in the future. His training has helped me understand how to better look after my body and taught me how to live my life by being more conscious about what I need to do and stay in shape! I highly recommend Francisco as he knows how to crack the whip and really gets you motivated!! Friendly, fun, and a genuine nice guy!

Sheldon Y.

5 stars – 8/25/2012

I've been training with Francisco for about a year now ... and he's been merciless the entire time. Just when I think I can't do any more, he'll ask for a few more reps. He's also not particularly good at counting, so when he says "just 2 more!" it usually ends up being 4 - 5 more. And after a thorough beat down, he likes to "take it easy" with jump rope. I don't know how any sane person can consider that dreadful line of pain easy. The end result of that I'm in far better shape than I am a year ago. When training with Francisco, expect pain. But also expect results.

Sana C.

5 stars – 6/17/2012

I've been working out with Francisco for a year already and I have nothing but best to say about him. He makes sure workouts are fun but challenging, and is always ready to tailor workouts to best fit your needs. AND his schedule is flexible. I highly recommend Francisco and The Training Zone Studio!

Ann N.

5 stars – 10/7/2010

I've been training with Francisco for several years. He keeps the workouts fresh and challenging, he's always willing to find new exercises to keep the the routine from being boring. I highly recommend him. He makes working out fun.

Roland P.

5 stars – 9/25/2010

Francisco Nieves is the man. I had been going to him for years. I have some health issues like vertigo and all sorts of pains in my body which forced me to stop. Since going back to him again, my vertigo has lessened, my body feels good, and my strength has returned. He's an excellent trainer, kind but does not take any bull. I recommend him for older clients who need to lose weight, do the cardio workouts, and build muscles.

Idala T.

5 stars – 12/12/2008

The Training Zone Studio is fantastic. I've been going to Francisco for almost six months and since then I've noticed that I'm stronger and have more energy. I always found it hard to motivate myself to go the gym because I always found them intimating. Francisco has created a very inviting and supportive workout environment. He keeps the sessions challenging and encourages me push myself, while also insuring that I'm doing the exercises properly. He's also incredibly warm and friendly and genuinely wants to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. In addition to workout advice, he also provides information on healthy eating habits. I'm consistently surprised by what I'm able to accomplish during my workouts and always leave the studio feeling stronger and walking taller.

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