Corrective Exercise and Injury Prevention

Couple working out together at the Training Zone SF Studio

If you suffer from aches and pain, restricted movement or mobility, then you have come to the right place. Let me design a program specific to your needs. Live pain free through corrective exercise!


Woman taking jabs with trainer at the Training Zone SF Studio

We take the functional movement approach and incorporate it into our work out programs individually tailored to our clients. The concept behind this training methodology is the integration of multiple muscles working together or synergistically to mimic movements performed in our daily lives, that will help you build strength and lean muscles, strong core, flexibility and mobiilty. And it will also challenge your cardiovascular system.

We utilize a variety of apparatus:

  • Cable machines
  • TRX band
  • Kettle bell
  • Free weights
  • Calisthenics movements to ensure muscle growth and adaptation.

In addition, during our initial meeting we conduct a comprehensive assessment using a corrective exercise approach aimed to identify areas that help our clients perform better as they embark on a new exercise program. We focus on areas such as, restricted movements patterns, postural misalignments and overactive and under active muscles.

Duet/Couples Sessions

Couple working out together at the Training Zone SF Studio

This 2 to 1 approach works well for couples and partners, as it maintains a level of accountability.

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