Francisco - Trainer


Francisco has more than 15 years of personal training experience, and is passionate about working with people to explore and realize their fitness potential. He takes a Functional Training approach, focusing on the integration of muscle groups to build and condition lean muscles.

Each client’s routine is customized by Francisco based on his assessment of needs. His sessions are built on the premise that working toward health and well-being goals and having fun go hand-in-hand. “Training doesn’t have to be all business, it can also be an experience to enjoy without losing focus on objectives.” Developing movements that mirror day-to-day activities, Francisco’s clients learn how to improve mobility and stability, and gain overall strength.


  • Corrective Exercise and Injury Prevention Specialization, National Academy of Sport Medicine - August, 2017
  • Personal Training Certification, Athletic Fitness Association of America - 2005 to Present
  • B.S.W., San Francisco State University - Year 2000
  • Nutrition Studies, City College of San Francisco


Francisco enjoys working with people of all walks of life, ages and fitness levels. He also specializes in training:

  • Pre and Post-natal clients
  • Baby Boomers and others with certain movement challenges
  • Young adults and Teenagers looking to lose weight and improve their fitness condition


  1.  Establish baseline: Chart measurements and identify client’s objectives
  2.  Set fitness goals: Based on individual needs and objectives, create realistic program and timeline
  3.  Track and reassess: Monitor progress toward goals, and adjust for successes and expanded capacity

Francisco takes an honest and clear approach with each and every personal training client. He believes that positive results arise from a two-way partnership. His overall aim is to educate clients so that they feel confident in their ability to attain and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

About Francisco

Francisco’s personal training career spans more than 15 years; he now operates his own private studio – the Training Zone, located in the heart of San Francisco Richmond District. An active athlete himself, he routinely participates in sport disciplines such as, Marathons, Triathlons, Soccer, Yoga, Basketball, Weight Training and Swimming. He brings this understanding and experience to designing client workouts that are versatile and comprehensive.

1428 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94118

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